Meals For One: A Declaration


In light of election week, and everyone’s need to feel validated by expressing their opinion all over the internet, I have a declaration I’d like to make.

I invite you join me by repeating the following:

I, ________, hereby declare that as a single woman I have the right to eat whatever I want for dinner.  If said dinner includes popcorn and only popcorn, then so be it.  If your bowl includes fresh vegetable soup with homemade corn bread, and mine contains Lucky Charms, I call myself the winner.  And if Lunchables just so happen to sneak their way into my refrigerator, I’m calling it a party.  That’s right, America.  I, ________, even get my own aisle at the grocery store.

Here’s to life, liberty, and  the pursuit of Easy-Mac-for-dinner happiness.

Why Aren’t You Dating?


When you’re single, there are a few questions that you’re often asked that you wish you weren’t.   For example, “When you gonna get you a fella?”  [because everyone in my life talks like a 75 year old grandpa from Alabama]

Well, let’s see here… considering I’m not plotting against myself and wishing for a lifetime of “happily ever single,” I’d say I’ll “get me a fella” as soon as the right one steps up to the plate.  Until then, there won’t be any “gettin’.”  It’s not like going to the grocery store and picking out your favorite cereal.  [although it doesn’t hurt if homeboy shares your love for Fruity Pebbles]

One of my all-time favorite questions is this: Why aren’t you dating anyone?

Instead of stating the obvious, I’ve come up with a few alternative answers for you to consider.  With the holidays right around the corner, you may want to save a few of these to use on ole’ Aunt Harriet. It’s only fair that an intelligent question such as that be answered with an equally intelligent answer:

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: I just like really like going to the movies alone.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: I’m allergic to diamonds.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: I really hate free dinners.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: The world already seems too populated with couples.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: My therapist might miss me if I get into a relationship.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: My selfies are too good to add anyone else in the picture.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: The line of suitors at my door was so overwhelming, so I just sent them all home.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: Bon Jovi told me I gave love a bad name.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: I just can’t find a guy that shares my love for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Q: Why aren’t you dating anyone?
A: My cats are really territorial.

One Month Blog-a-versary


Well, folks.  It’s already been a month of hanging out with you guys, sharing first date stories, talking about skinny jeans, selfies, and our good friend, TSwift.  I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am.

This crazy blog project started as a way to talk about things we’re already talking about around the dinner table on girls’ night.

I’m no expert here, and I never want to even pretend like I am.  I’m just 25 and single.   Do I have singleness figured out?  Nope.  Am I super knowledgeable about dating and the do’s and don’ts of relationships?  No way.  But having all the answers here isn’t the point.

Here we can be honest about how ridiculous we can be.  We can laugh about the silly mistakes we’ve made, and yes, even challenge each other too.

Throughout the blog’s first month, I’ve gotten plenty of questions about why I’m writing, what I plan to write about, and where these ideas came from.  So, here’s a list of the FAQ’s I get about the blog.

  1. When did you decide to start this blog?  Literally the idea was born and launched within one weekend.  I sent out a full page of plans, ideas, and goals to my close friends for feedback and my impatience took over.  Before they could all respond I launched the blog.   Maybe not the smartest game plan, but here we are.
  2. Are you sabotaging your dating life by blogging about singleness?  Maybe?  No?  TBD?  
  3. You seem really sarcastic about some areas of dating.  Are you bitter about something?  Sarcasm is my love language. 
  4. You like irony, right?  I bet you’re going to meet your husband soon just because you started this blog.  I’ve been told I’ll meet my husband immediately after college, at so-and-so’s wedding, on that mission trip, and in that small group.  Sounds like you may not have a clue either.
  5.  I didn’t know you were funny!  …Thank you?

So, Happy One Month Anniversary.  Remind me to send you some flowers.

How to Get Out of Being the Third (or Fifth, or Seventh, etc.) Wheel: A Guest Post by Elizabeth Hyndman


Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the first guest blogger here on Single, Party of One.  I met Elizabeth Hyndman this summer through some  friends and I knew from her love of Gilmore Girls  and her Pumpkin-Snickerdoodle Cookies that she was good people.  Check out her blog (I especially love the “Friday Five”) at  

Here’s what Elizabeth has to say about the beloved third wheel situation:

“It won’t be weird,” say couples everywhere when referring to the group date they just invited you to. And sometimes it isn’t. However, I’d venture to say the majority of third-wheel times include at least one awkward moment, if not an entire awkward evening.

Because couples don’t always realize that, we singles are often looking for a way to get out of group-date-alone scenarios. I came up with a few excuses legitimate reasons to miss out.

1. Make other plans.
And it’s totally okay for those other plans to be sitting at home in your sweat pants catching up on TV or watching the Katy Perry movie before it leaves RedBox (we’re counting this as one of the pros of your current relationship status). The important thing is to keep it pretty vague. Just simply state, “Aw, I hate to miss out, but I have plans.”

2. Be sick.
Keep it simple. That way, you can do that trick where you say, “I’m sick…” aloud and then finish the sentence with a mumbled, “…of being your third wheel.”

3. Wash your hair.
Perhaps this lame old excuse will clue your friends in to the fact that you’re not so enthusiastic about the idea of being the only one without a partner for game night.

4. Bargain.
Tell your friend point-blank that you will no longer participate in group dates unless they provide you with a date. Use caution with this approach, though. You don’t want to be stuck with someone like Jackson’s cousin Rune (obscure Gilmore Girls reference? yes.).

5. Write a blog post about how much you don’t like being the third wheel.
True story: back when there was Xanga, I wrote a post on this very issue that simply said, “I hate tricycles.” (My Xanga was nothing if not over-dramatic.) If you don’t want to write a post, feel free to just share a link to this one on the facebook event wall. Passive-aggressive tactics are always the best way to resolve an issue.

How do you get out of being a third (or fifth, or seventh, etc.) wheel? 

Reality Check


Monday night I went to see Pitch Perfect (for the second time!) with some of my closest friends.  I may be 25, but I still feel like going to see a movie on a weekend night is scandalous.  It’s like I still think I need to be inside the house before the street lights come on or my parents will be worried.  So, seeing a movie on a “school night” just seems rebellious.  But, you know what?  That’s what I love about this season of life.  The spontaneity.  The adventure.  The independence.  I even showed rebellion what’s up by wearing my pj’s to the theatre.  Take that.

And guess what?

I’d like to think that because I’m single I GET to do things like:

Go to the movies on a Monday night while wearing my pajamas.

And the reality is…. I am single BECAUSE:

I go to the movies on a Monday night while wearing my pajamas.


Now, here are all of the disclaimers for those of you who don’t have a sense of humor.

Disclaimer 1: Yes, you can be dating or married and still go to the movies on a Monday in your pajamas.  [Knock yourself out]

Disclaimer 2:  I don’t REALLY think I’m single because I do such things.  [People, please.]


Did Taylor Swift Read My Journal?


Happy Taylor Swift New Album Day, folks.

While we all want to pretend like we’re way too mature to listen to her music, you also can’t deny you wish you could take your break-up story and turn it into a number #1 hit too.  I mean, how hard is it to put the words “We are never ever getting back together” to music?  Why didn’t I think of that?

What makes her obnoxiously brilliant?  She sneaks in and steals our stories from our journals.  Right?  Or something like that…


“‘cuz when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them”- Fifteen  [excuse me, how did she know that?]

“you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter” – Mine [it’s like she sat in on your counseling session.]

“This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go. I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew. I was enchanted to meet you.” –Enchanted [just when you thought your secret was safe with your best friend..]

“But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts. She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers. Dreaming ’bout the day when you wake up and find that what you’re lookin’ for has been here whole time.” – You Belong With Me [hello, high school flashbacks.]

“You are an expert at sorry and keeping lines blurry.  Never impressed by me acing your tests.  All the girls that you’ve run dry have tired, lifeless eyes ’cause you’ve burn them out.” – Dear John [and you thought YOU were angry? ]

“You’re a redneck heartbreak who’s really bad at lying.” – Picture to Burn [unfortunately in some parts of this country, “redneck” is not an insult.]

Well played, TSwift.  Well played.  Cheers to the release of “Red”.

And friends if you’re going through a break-up, look out.  You’ve now got some new lyrics to use in your social media retaliation.

ALSO for some extra entertainment… if you haven’t seen this hilarious video of a guy trying to pick up girls using Taylor Swift lyrics than you’re missing out.  Thanks to the friends that sent this over knowing it would be excellent blog material🙂